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With over 26 years of production experience, we have contributed to German cinema with some of its most bold, daring and successful movies. With international production expertise on every level, we have continually pushed boundaries in terms of production value, box office revenue, national awards, industry standards and franchise creation. A rapidly changing market, growing media consumption and demand for original content forces creators to look at film business with fresh eyes. We at Barefoot Films embrace and welcome this challenge. Join us on our journey. 

Til SChweiger

As a full-blooded filmmaker, Til Schweiger shared the silver screen with international stars such as Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy, just to name a few. In 30 years as an actor he worked under world-class directors including McG, Jan de Bont and Quentin Tarantino. Furthermore, Til looks back on 24 years as a writer, director and producer. Not only does Til constantly search for his next project, but Til has also made his mission to pass on his knowledge and skills to the future generation of filmmakers. He demands the highest quality and offers priceless support. Many of Germany’s stars, writers and directors have a career thanks to Til’s courage of giving unseen talent a chance. 

Back in 1968, the German Federal Film Board started keeping track of theater tickets sold. Since then, no other German actor has attracted more people to the theaters then Til Schweiger. Year after year, millions of Germans embarked on an emotional journey into the world of Til’s imagination. 

His knowledge from 30 years of film and television, in front of and behind the camera, can now be accessed exclusively via the e-learning site Meet Your Master. In 21 videos and more than 280 minutes, you will learn everything you need to know about filmmaking: from team building and developing the film idea, to financing  and public relations. Til Schweiger gives deep insights into the film industry and lets you look behind the scenes. 


MEet the team

Florian Schweiger

Managing Director

Sebastian Schweiger

MD & Producer Barefoot Media

Anna Heinz

Controlling & Finance

Miguel Angelo Pate

Creative Executive

Volker Hohmann

Assistant to Til Schweiger

Svenja Lange

Producer's Assistant